tmux with scripting

tmux with (sensible) scripting

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scripting for tmux

tmux is a great terminal multiplexor. Unfortunately, it lacks a decent scripting capability.

This project fixes tmux and brings it the full power of computer language, yet preserving consizeness of command line.

tmux has great support for "external scripting" via externally run bash scripts. This can be acceptable when there is some real amount of work to be done ocasionally.

But what happens if

  • you want an action on every keypress?
  • you want loops?
  • you want variables?
  • you want something to be done conditionally?
  • you want to do two or more actions in 'mode'? (e.g. scroll by two lines)

Here is the solution for that.

What it adds to tmux:

  • Full set of all tmux functions available, regardless in 'mode' or not
  • Full scripting capabilities in 'mode' (e.g. can bind multiple actions, etc)
  • Variables
  • Procedures and functions: don't have to duplicate repeating actions
  • Loops
  • Conditionals
  • In other words, full power of programming language

Full backwards compatibility: by default, tmux will use it's built-in language.

The TCL language attached to tmux has similar syntax: most probably, you will not notice the difference.

And also... In case you're missing this feature in tmux, new windows and new panes are opened in the current folder!


Release b2.2

Current latest version